Jynxz Charm is Evolving …

I have been very busy this year developing my business.  So many mistakes have been made and learned from, and there are so many more mistakes to come I am sure.  At present I have artworks to create, digital prints to design, promote, order, buy and sell, a new website which is currently in the making, seminars to attend, a colour therapy diploma to study for, and continue to promote and lead community, group and one-to-one sessions.  Of course I’m just as swamped with the multitude of paperwork that comes with being part of the U.K. and still have a household to maintain on top of all that.  So yes, I’ve been busy.  Anyway, for those interested in my art practice at the moment and updates on where to find my new blogs please check out this Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/jynxzcharmart/

Many thanks