Curiosity to Climb ….

… 287 steps, Edinburgh…

Why is it that when we see something high, we want to climb to the top?  

(from the moment we begin to crawl we see the world around us and choose to climb those obstacles to gain a better view)

Looking up .... By JynxzCharm

Looking up …. By JynxzCharm

It is not surviving the ever-narrowing climb up the spiral staircases that provides self achievement, or the periodic rest points allowing you to see how far you have come, neither either is it on reaching of the top of the spire with its liberating view all the way to the horizon of the North Sea….

……standing where only one person can stand at one moment in time,

the spire wavers in the wind,…

the uneasiness of vulnerability does not vanquish with the view,

….but the possibilities are endless as the sight of mans’ creations standing before you… shrink,

how they were so proud and strong from the ground,

now you see the limitations of mans’ achievements,

just another massive beach before the sea,……… figures travelling through the sands of time,…..

Looking down ...

Looking Down… By JynxzCharm

It is the journey back down…

…..the ever dizzying decent is made all the more difficult as you must cling to the the centre-column of the staircase to allow others to squeeze past you in their ascent,….

there is only space for one person on these steps at any one time otherwise,….

the further you go the more apparent that action becomes…

one person must submit to another before they can commence,…..

before they can move forward… was that noted on the way up?

It is on the way down that statues stare in judgement and gargoyles consume the surrounding area…….

the cold touch of stone….

turned black with the souls of countless generations now passed on haunts intrepid fingertips,…..

creating a lasting memory of a place and time………,

at the most important place and time……….

at the bottom of the last spiral staircase …

one last deep inhalation of slightly stale air and propelled back out into the world……..

and another figure is added to the travelling sands of time. ..

Another Figure ...

Another Figure…. By JynxzCharm


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