I’m not ready…

… to give up on humanity.


My life is far from uncomplicated. As a member of the masses I have a variety of responsibilities: being a single-parent, a student, an employee, the mortgage, the rent and squeezing in some quality of life is not easy in contemporary society and it is a challenge to keep a healthy sense of humour at times, as I’m sure many people can relate.

Right now the political conflict in Syria has reached a state of urgency. After over 3,000 years of animosity the innocent masses have been forced to flee from their homes in droves into neighbouring countries.  Families courageously taking their chances on a new life elsewhere are now living in refugee camps, relying on charities to provide safety and security.  It clearly was a very difficult decision to make, a leap of faith!  I can’t help but admire them for making such a choice away from the violence, rather than becoming accustomed to it.  The new challenge for them is now to keep themselves and their loved ones warm in freezing night-time temperatures, sheltered, fed and watered.  Fresh, clean drinking water and sanitation is paramount to prevent the spreading of disease in such highly populated areas.  Charities need the help of EVERYONE in order to accomplish this feat.

Charities (working together) are now struggling to meet the demands of the rising populations in refugee camps as more and more people join this peaceful protest, but if the humanity of the world come together it will not take long to ensure all of these people have the opportunity to start afresh without fear of violence.  How unfortunate it is that the Governments have accumulated monetary wealth from the selling of arms;  but fortunate that WE have the freedom of choice to become part of the humanitarian solution.

It has been suggested that this 3,000 year old battle will never end, but how can it continue when the masses leave?  This passive action in itself is progression, the people have made a stand against the powers that be towards a new way of life.